Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another She-ra share!

You guys, I have to say, my Halloween costume is so freaking fun I wear it around my apartment at night by myself just so I can enjoy it more.  It really is so awesome I can't stand it. 

So here is the skirt and belt I put together.  Again, got my fabric from mood - some sheer cotton that I put together into a ruffle skirt.  A little fluffier that Ms. Ra's, but it does give a bit more bum coverage that I appreciate.  (It can get cold out there!).  I used this tutorial from Grosgrain Fabulous for the base/underskirt, then added two long gathered strips of the same fabric before sewing it up the side.  It's kind of petticoat-y but also super fun! 

The belt I made from some Gold Lame fabric I was given as a birthday present last year (Thanks Sasha!!) - I just cut a wide long strip, folded the right sides together, sewed it along the edge and turned it inside out.  Sewed up the raw end, tied it on and done!  I'm considering adding a large jewel or amulet to the middle..we'll see. 

Nothing is adorning my leotard (a capezio from amazon) because its tough to sew on the stretchy fabric and have it look right.  Am thinking I might make a trip to H&M to snag some cheap flashy gold accessories to complete the look.  Damn, I have some perfect dangley earrings...I wonder where they are? 

In case you missed the first post on my cape...check it out!

Still more to come, don't worry!

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