Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You say, why make a fabric postcard?

I say, why not? Also, because I joined the Fabric Postcard swap on swap-bot.

Here is my handiwork! I sewed a little modern flower design onto a longer piece of fabric, then made it into a little pocket by sewing up the sides. I slipped in a piece of cereal box cut down, then closed the whole thing up. Ta da!

I also glued blank card stock on the other side to write a note. I mailed it in a regular envelope so I suppose that lessens the PC impact, but it will get to my new friend in one piece! I like it. Hope she does too!!


  1. This is so sweet and it totally matches your blog!!

  2. Cool! I've just gotten into swap-bot too. I've mainly been doing postcard swaps but this week I'm sending out some candy this week. Fun!

  3. Thanks! This was fun to make and really simple too.