Sunday, May 2, 2010

Search and Earn

Hi friends! I thought I'd share this cool site that I've been using for a few months with you: Swagbucks. Its a search engine where you earn points for searching, and then can redeem them for prizes or contests. I like to save them up and use them for $5 Amazon gift cards, which you can stack.

Search & Win

A few things - lots of ads come up in the searches, so if I'm looking for something, I generally have to look past the first few entries to get to the one I'm actually searching for, and bypass the retail sites that are set off by my keywords. If I'm looking for something more obscure, I'll head over to google.

Also, they only give you points once a day, so after I've claimed my bucks for that day, I'll use google. You can get more points if you refer friends - if you want to sign up, and use me as a referral, click here . Fridays are a good day to search because you can get bonus points.

I was debating whether or not to post about this - I don't want to seem like using my devoted readers for free stuff. No way! I value your readership way more than that. If you're not interested just skip this post, there is more craftiness on the way! But, I do love to let you know about great deals and freebies out there, and I've earned money to use on Amazon - where I'd be spending cash anyway - for free, just by searching as I normally would.

If you're interested, check it out! If not, carry on :)

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