Friday, May 14, 2010

Congratulations Lukey!

Today my little cousin Luke is graduating from the University of Miami! (Well, he's not little really, he is 22 and taller than me, by a little bit anyway, but in my head he is a baby still.)
I am so proud of you!
Here he is doing some sciencey robot project - not sure what it is but I'm impressed! I also like the plaid shirt. Who says the lab is no place for a fashionable gentleman? NOT ME!

In case you were wondering he is not just an egghead. (Although he's going for his PhD after this.) Look! He is also a cool dude that hangs out on the beach. He is not even glancing at those girls in bikinis. He will just drink his energy beverage and let them come to HIM!

Good work Luke! I am so happy to be celebrating your success with you today!

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  1. i seriously cannot believe he's a college grad already. congrats, luke!!!