Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I've Got Culture

Things I love: my new yogurt maker! It is so awesome - thanks mom and dad!

I eat a lot of yogurt - I don't like milk so its pretty much the only way I get calcium. I bring it to work for my lunch so I'll end up eating several per week - but they can get expensive! Plus I am particular about what flavors I like (non fat, fruit on the bottom, preferably red) so if the kind I like isn't on sale that week, I'm screwed. Then I got into Greek yogurt - so tasty, but even pricier than the regular kind! Whats a culture loving girl to do?
Lucky for me, this Christmas I received a fantastic yogurt maker and it works like magic! Seriously. You warm up some milk, stir in some dry milk, let it cool, add a bit of pre-made yogurt(or some from your last batch) and a few hours later - gold! I'm sure there is a lot of chemistry and/or biology (or maybe botany?) involved here but since I haven't taken a science class since 1998 I'll skip that explanation and go with MAGIC.
Now I can consume yogurt when I want, how I want. Which usually means, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and with honey and/or cereal. I'm psyched to experiment with my new toy and maybe try it with soy milk, different flavorings, freezing it - ah so much fun!
If you don't have a yogurt maker its ok. Check out this article for how to do it without one (and some of that complicated sciencey stuff).

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