Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year and a Book to Boot

Happy 2010 everyone! Wow I can't believe its a new year, new decade, Y2K+X blah blah blah. Moving on.

I'm back and blogging again as you can see. I wasn't sure how to kick off the blog for the new year, but I think I'll just jump into it. Here goes:

I've wanted to get a sewing book for a bit but wasn't sure which one, so after getting some Christmas money earmarked for my new hobby (and some sweet Borders coupons) I checked out a few and selected Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner. I love it! It includes 24 patterns (with an envelope in the back to store them), plus several totally readable chapters on techniques, fabric and color selection, machine basics and a ton of other stuff that is really useful. This book is pretty to look at - lovely photography and layout, but also packs a ton of important information - I am a dork and actually ready it cover to cover before embarking on any of the patterns but the fact that it doesn't feel like reading a textbook is awesome.

There are a ton of free patterns and sewing ideas out there in the blogging world and I have used many myself, and I love that you can find so much for so little on the Internet. Yet I think this book is totally worth the dough because it takes daunting tasks - like making your own bias tape and quilt binding, sewing a zipper, gathering, and more- and makes them seem less scary. Seriously! I feel like I could try my hand at quilting under these instructions. And the patterns that are included are fun and different items that I hadn't seen anywhere else.

Thanks to another birthday present - a gift certificate to Brooklyn General Store (Thanks Sasha!) I was able to get some really nifty fabrics for my first project. I've realized I don't have an apron and thought I could really use one, and probably do less laundry that way too. Its almost done and I'll post a pic when its complete - the image from the book is above.

Yay! An apron all my own - I can't wait to use it. Once I find some cute buttons to finish it off I'll be ready to go.

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