Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Yippie Kay Yay!

This boot kicked my butt!
My cousin (whom I'm guessing won't be checking this blog over the next two days so it will still be a surprise. If not, hi Liam!) just bought a house in Texas so I thought he could definitely use a Cowboy boot shaped throw pillow. The final product came out OK but all those little corners were such hassle!
If you want to give it a shot, I found a free pattern here, on Tipnut is a great resource for craft ideas and patterns, ways to save money and be green, and all sorts of fun stuff.
The vintage boot pattern is sourced from Women's' Household Handicraft from 1962 - I'm guessing ladies then had a little more patience than I do. I still have a giant bag of polyfill left some I have a few more pillows/stuffed animals in my future - hope I can find some nice simple patterns!

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