Monday, December 21, 2009

Bag o Rama

Wow I was busy yesterday! I made a little assembly line and turned out three cute tote bags over the course of the afternoon (after baking until 1am the night before, and gearing up for tiling a table Sunday night - more on both later). They came out well and I can now cross three more items off of my Christmas to do list. I like the orange one the best, but the pink and green ones were selected with the intended recipients in mind. The fabrics are all so cool I don't have to wrap them in paper - I just tied a ribbon around them. Ta da!

I used this tutorial from Film in the Fridge - highly recommended. It has simple, easy to follow instructions and the final product is very cute. I've made several of these this fall for myself, presents and for fun and I always get complements. Try it yourself!

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