Monday, December 21, 2009

Cookie Monsters

Wow I wonder if I can stomach the sight of ever seeing another cookie again. Probably. This weekend Julie and I spent the snowstorm baking up a crap load of cookies - peanut butter blossoms, chocolate chip cookies with candy canes, peppermint patty chocolate cookies and classic sugar cookies.

Overall, a success! Our ingredients, assembled.
Our first (and best looking) batch. I totally want a silicone cookie sheet liner now! Works like a dream. A blue, plastic dream.

All of our delicious soldiers lined up in a row.
The final product all wrapped up and ready to go.

My nemesis. Rocky is a nice enough fellow but did try to thwart our baking attempts/steal my cookie cutters. But he couldn't stop delisciousness from happening! Overall, the peanut butter blossoms were best, and our sugar cookies were picture perfect (sort of.)
The candy cane chocolate chips were good, but problematic when the candy stuck to the pan. The peppermint patties tasted good but I wouldn't make them again cause they kind of look lame.
If anyone out there has had success with these cookies (or any others) let me know! Happy holidays!

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