Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wine-ing about Town

Next stop on our tour was Modern Snack Bar for lunch - a very fun old fashioned diner type place.

Of course we made Rebecca pose all over with her stunning veil. 

The aforementioned crabs...
were not up my ally.  You can't go wrong with a grilled cheese and tomato though!  Especially with a side of onion rings :)

Up next was the beautiful Dilberto Winery.  So lovely! 

I stole a grape or two, shh don't tell. 

The Sarahs smile away as we sample some wine. 

Such a pretty place!

Becca made a new friend.

And spent some quality time goofing around with oldies as well.

But wait, there's more eating and drinking to be done!  Check back for my final installment...


  1. why is that grilled cheese always tastes so much better in a restaurant? YUM!

  2. Does that crab still have its legs attached? Poor crabby. : (

  3. I will pretend I am part of this traveling group....old diner, crabs, grilled cheeses, and wineries.....I would be in hog heaven. You must be having a fabulous time. Enjoy every minute of it.


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  5. Yes, they are softshell crabs, legs and all. Totally freaky, even if I weren't already a vegetarian!