Friday, October 2, 2009

Ricky's Halloween Bash!

Lucky me! Thanks to friends in high places, I got to attend the Ricky's NYC 20th anniversary Halloween bash at the super swank Hotel on Rivington last night! The costumes weren't really anything new or awe inspiring, most of which you've seen in years past, some (like a puzzling tombraider/octomom hybrid) seemed a little dated. But: I love Halloween! and I love CANDY! And they had a bathtub FULL of it! My pictures didn't come out but I thought you'd get the idea from this shot above. Plus also there was a girl in feathers in the tub too.

I did manage to come home with several pounds of candy in my bag - and might I add that my tote bags are well made and sturdy because it held a LOT of delicious candy. I gave some to my cab driver, and the rest to Brian, hopefully no ones teeth will rot from too much sugar.

Anyway, what I came away with from this is that: my planned homemade Halloween costume is SO much better than anything you could buy. If you need help with yours let me know! But I encourage all of you to be creative and make your own - the ones you can buy out there are expensive, and tons of other people will have the same thing!

As for what I'm going to be, its still secret, but I did order 100 yards of tulle. So my tutu will be super fluffy!

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