Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple Picking Adventures!

Hello! Here is a pictorial adventure of the most fall festive thing I've done this season! Apple picking! Saturday it was really cold in Peabody, MA, but we three ladies braved the frigid(ish) temp to pick some damn apples! First, we had to wait for the hayride to take us there, and hang out with some interesting characters....
Like this lovely lady! A little smelly but nice. I did not drop the camera into the pigpen so that was a bonus.

They hayride was fun - the danger of falling off and into a puddle was always there, which made it an exciting ride!

We got to the lovely orchard and were inundated with apples of all sorts! I have SO MANY I must make a pie. Good thing I love pie!

I got way more than the half a peck I paid for...and of course had to carry them home on the bolt bus for several hours, in a snowstorm. Worth it!

Here we are huddled together for warmth! So fun! Would definitely do it again, but would wear a hat.

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