Thursday, October 22, 2009

Make Your Own Ice Cream Delight

I have a lot of dreams. They come in all sizes, from the tiny, like finally making a Baked Alaska:

to the TREMENDOUS: snagging a guest star role on Gossip Girl. I have practice!Last night's dream fulfillment fell somewhere in between. I finally got to go to 16 Handles in the East Village! Yay! This is a make your own ice cream sundae party, for the new millennium. (Which is already a decade old - WOAH!)

It is so fun! They have 16 different kinds of frozen yogurt, then a whole serve yourself toppings bar with all kinds of candy, sauces, cereal, fruit, etc. Dream come true!
(Thank you to a visiting dignitary from our nation's capital for also having this dream, and giving us an good reason to go!)

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