Friday, October 19, 2012

Columbus Circle - A View From the Top

Well hello there! 

Recently my friend Julie M and I went to visit a cool new art exhibit.  Lucky for us, it is right across the street from our work here:
and tickets are free!  Not too shabby!  Artist Tatzu Nishi has constructed an 810 square foot living room (aka, bigger than my apartment) around the statue that graces Columbus Circle, at 58th street and Broadway in Manhattan at the base of Central Park.

To check it out, you have to hike up six flights of stairs, but the view is spectacular!


You can see the hustle and bustle of the circle below, central park, down Broadway to Times Square, and beyond.

 If you are in New York, the exhibit is open until November 18th, and again, tickets are FREE!  You can get them here.  
 There is also a kiosk and information center inside the mall at the Shops at Columbus Circle, if you're in the area.

 In this exhibit, you can get up close and personal with Chris.  Just like Julie here!

 There is a cute little living room build around him, with lovely windows to gave out on the city. 

Interesting wallpaper adorns the walls, full of iconic American imagery - celebrities, hot dogs, architecture, and the like. 

Comfortable couches surround the statue if you'd like to take a break after all of those stairs.  There is a flat screen TV on one side to catch up on your news, as well as books, magazines and newspapers if you're looking for reading material. 

And, a giant statue in the middle of it all, as I mentioned. 

 The artist has created similar exhibits all around the world feature famous public works of art.  Check them out here.  Pretty fascinating, and an intriguing and unique way to look at art we may see every day in a new way! 

Thank you to Julie M for the lovely photos. 

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  1. Columbus Circle?? I heard of that!!
    Cool cool! Good stuff!! (: