Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Witch's Brew, Oooo!

Happy Fall!  OK, so I know it's not officially autumn for another few weeks, but you can't wear white shoes until May, so post-labor day seems like fall to me.  (Not that I have any white shoes, anyway.)

We've still got some more summery weather to enjoy, so this recipe might be premature, but I tested it for celebrations.com recently and man, did it smell autumnal.  It made me want to wrap my hands around a hot mug of it after apple picking on a crisp fall day.  Not there yet, OK.  But you should check it out, anyway! 

As is it might be a little sweet - test it, and feel free to add some plain brewed tea, unsweetened, if you wish.  Kids will probably like it as is.  If you do choose to add alcohol, that will cut the sweetness too, of course. 

Anyway, its delish, and made my apartment smell divine.  Try it out!

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