Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Celebrations Chat with Shawn Rabineau!

Hello there!  Just wanted to share something fun with you - especially those of you out there who might be planning a wedding!  This Thursday, September 15th (as in, tomorrow!) will be hosting a  live chat on facebook with Shawn Rabideau at 130pm est.  You may know his work from Bethenny's Getting Married on Bravo, and even if not, you've probably seen it in the magazines for fabulous celebrity events.  Log on and you can chat with him and ask questions about your upcoming events, holiday prep, Halloween ideas or what its like to deal with a diva!  

I'll be taking part and asking a question or two myself - so join in the fun during your lunch hour if you can! 

You can read up on Shawn here via his bio on, or check out his blog here

Celebrations has hit the 10,000 friend mark on Facebook too - so feel free to check it out here for the chat, or anytime for party ideas and so much more! 

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