Monday, May 9, 2011

Faking It

Fake Flowers that is!  I celebrated Mothers Day yesterday with a whole gang of ladies and had so much fun at Spa Castle!  Seriously, if you are anywhere near Queens NY, you must go there.  Amazing! 

Since we would be out all day, I thought that fresh flowers would be a waste, as we'd have no where to stash them with water.  So, I made some fake ones myself out of fabric scraps, and leftover plastic stems from this craft.  Waste not, want not! 

I made these last year too, based on a tutorial from made.  Seriously, watch out for that glue gun, its deadly!  I worked with the glue gun in droplets and small sections, rather than going the length of the fabric all at once - that was too unwieldy, not to mention painful!  Also, the glue dries up at the end by the time I got there, which was a waste.  I wrapped the bases with ribbon to finish it off. 

The ladies liked them, I think!  They can take them home looking fresh as a daisy - and they will stay that way! 

This is a fun, cheap craft you can make for free, basically, using scraps and leftover materials. 
A good way to get your mind off of whatever is on it too! 

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