Saturday, March 19, 2011

Silly Little Can

Here is a fun craft that will only take you a few short minutes!  Its pretty self explanatory but I will share. 

I needed some little containers to store various accouterments in my bathroom.  I wanted them to be cute since I'd look at them every day, but neutral so as not to look clutters.  Also, I am cheap and didn't want to buy them. 

Then, my epiphany - I could make some myself!  One empty can of Spaghettios later, and I was ready to roll.  I cut some burlap I had on hand a littler larger than the height of the can (after washing, of course), and made the fabric a little bit longer than I'd need to wrap around, for overlap.  I peeled off the label and glued the fabric to the can.  (I used plain Elmer's glue, since I couldn't quite lay my hands on my glue gun at that moment, but that would work too.)  I wrapped two rubber bands around it while it dried to keep it in place. 

Once it dried, I trimmed the burlap a little, then picked out a nice brown ribbon and cut two sections of it, each long enough to wrap around the can, plus about a half an inch.  I glued those to the top and bottom rims of the can and after a little drying it was done!  After I get a few more cans I might make more - stay tuned!

You don't have to use burlap of course - any scrap fabric would work.  You could use wrapping paper or ribbon or whatever you'd like!  Fun and free storage - yay! 

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  1. very cute! It reminds me I need a new bathroom cup and I have plenty of fabric! I will probably use my glue gun.