Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sewing for Fun!

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with what to sew.  Don't get me wrong - I love it and it relaxes me and is a great creative outlet - but my to do list seems so long I don't know where to start! Especially around the holidays, when I have so many things I feel like I have to do, it seems like I never have a chance to sew what I want to do, at that moment. 

SO the other day I did!  I made some cute little potholders with some of my scraps - a simple little sewing project but it was great to put together something, and finish it quickly - a nice feeling of accomplishment!  Plus, look how adorable this watermelon themed one is, right? 
Reminds me of little Rakia's swimsuit this summer!

I based it on this tutorial I saw a while back, but kind of freestyled it.  Try it if you want some extra potholders around for your holiday baking - they make great little gifts too!  So I did make a little dent in my to do list, after all!

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