Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pee Wee on Broadway!

Raise your hand if you loved Pee Wee's Playhouse!  I totally did!  My sister and I loved that show - we had the talking doll, the colorform set, and lots of other fun trinkets that I wish I still had to play with RIGHT THIS MINUTE.  Oh how I wished I could hang out in that awesome playhouse in person! 

Well lucky me - last night I did!!!!  (Kind of.)   I snagged half price orchestra tickets via TKTS to

Oh man it was 90 minutes of 100% AWESOME!  So fun.  All of the characters were there - plus some new ones.  Pee Wee (aka Paul Reubens) looks EXACTLY the same, as if he just came out of a time capsule or something.  Weird, but cool. 

It was funny and fun and nostalgic and sweet and poignant and overall delightful, just like the show.  If you are in NYC in the next few days - its only running until January 2 - GO!  If not, don't fret - last night they were taping for an HBO special so you should be able to catch it there in the not too distant future - so FUN!

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