Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Silhouettes

My dad has a silhouette he made when he was a small boy that was hanging in my grandmother's house - its fun to look at - you can tell its him from the head shape and expression even after many years. 

I also came across a similar project here.  I morphed the two together and came up with a fun Christmas Crafts that I finally managed to get done this year - framed fabric silhouettes. 

I got started this summer (kind of) by snapping a profile shot of two of my cousins.  You can tell from their hair and some wayward drips that they had just hopped out of the pool . 

Little Nicky

Fast forward to last week, when I printed out the pictures on regular 8.5 x11 paper, and cut out carefully around their heads.  All the little wayward strands make for a fun final product! 

I affixed wonder under to the back of some gray flannel I had.  Tracing the head cut out onto the fabric was much easier that way, especially when working in tiny cuts. 


I cut some yellow fabric to fit the 8x10 frame I had and added some interfacing to the back for extra stability.  After cutting out the head, I attached it to the backing fabric, framed it and was done!  I pretty simple, but thoughtful handmade gift.  You could do something similar with black paper and a fun card stock or scrap booking paper behind it instead. 

Hope you enjoyed this!  I did, and I do hope my gift recipients do too!

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