Thursday, August 27, 2009

Little fail

To Get a Sense of scale, you can compare it to this dino-binder.

Ta da! for the time being...

A little cavernous as gym bags go...

My first Model!

I got my first commissioned order yesterday so I whipped up a tote bag last night. No pattern for me, which led to a few issues, size wise, but I do think that the patterns I've used over the past few weeks have given me a bit more expertise when flying blind.

Its still a little scary to cut into a piece of shiny new fabric, but I'm overcoming my fear - and was even able to improvise after realizing that my original measurements were a bit off.

After stitching everything up the bag was a little bit gigantic - perfect for a beach tote (note for next summer) but too bulky for a gym bag. No worries though - I think I can just trim off a few inches from the top and put it back together pretty easily (famous last words).
Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion of...tote bag tribulations! In the meantime I think I'll go here to feel a little better about myself.

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