Monday, August 31, 2009

DC and ME!

Julia Child's kitchen! So warm and welcoming. Not blurry in real life.

Thumbs up America!

A thoughtful dog ponders our nation - where it has been and where we are going. Arf.

WWII nic nacs from the Air & Space museum - it is a business card that says,"I'd like to make a date with you. If your answer is yes, just keep this card. If no, just hand it back." I guess this was how dating worked for the GIs? Pretty ingenious.

Stewardess Apparel in the 60s - H-O-T! I checked though - I'm not eligible, should I come across a time machine. There were very strict specifications for these ladies. With outfits like these, of course!

A weekend away from NYC is refreshing every once in a while - I spent this past one in our nation's capitol, Washington, D.C. It was so fun being a tourist! We went to a billion museums and walked everywhere so I guess its ok that I skipped the gym for a few days.

Highlights: the newseum was so awesome! Although it does cost $20 for admission, while all of the Smithsonian museums are free, it was definitely worth it - and I'm a cheap bastard so that is saying a lot. We spent 4 hours there! And there is a 4-D ride so that is always a bonus - I'm a sucker for multiple dimensions, especially when you are expecting less. There is a whole giant room filled of newspapers dating back hundreds of years - dorky, but its really so cool to see a part of history that might have seemed as ubiquitous as the Metro or AM NY seem to me today - or, maybe not, what with the whole lack of a free press, in some instances.

Crafty-wise, I dragged my very patient companion to the Renwick Gallery which had craft exhibits - a small (but lovely) building/mansion that had some cool stuff! Like knit super hero outfits! And a whole gallery of the super girly type of paintings that I like, of fancy ladies in vintage finery, and fairies, and impressionism and all sorts of romantic stuff that gets might get neglected amidst more Important Art. Well, I am here to give it some love!

The American History museum was good - super crowded of course, which made it difficult to appreciate since you had to wait on line for the more popular exhibits and couldn't really take your time with things without being jostled. I did love seeing Julia Child's kitchen, especially after seeing Julie/Julia last week. It was funny to see a bunch of people sitting on the floor watching episodes of her show playing inside the exhibit - even after so many years, its easy to see her appeal.

But my absolute favorite part of the post! (That's a cliffhanger, see?)

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