Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Pizza Party for One!

 This weekend I had an impromptu get together in my backyard, with some wine and snacks.  Of course, I made/bought way too much food for 3 people.  The leftover brownies came in to work with me yesterday, so I didn't eat them all myself, and I still have gobs of hummus and dip to consume. 

I decided against making the appetizer pizza for my guests, since it was super hot, and we didn't need it.  I did make it last night though - delish!  Here's a pic - homemade pizza dough (from my freezer), arugula pesto (since I had a bunch of wilting arugula lying around, along with walnuts and other pertinent ingredients), Parmesan and mozzarella, and some yellow squash I sauteed for a few minutes before tossing on top.  (Those were extra dippers for the hummus we never got to).

Overall, a success!  And I now have plenty of leftover pizza, too.  Pretty good for a Monday night!

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