Friday, June 24, 2011

Decked Out

 Here is a little sundress project I've been meaning to do for quite some time...I may have purchased this fabric two years ago.  Anyway, now that it is officially Summer (JOY!) I thought I should finally whip up this little number.  Cute, and easy too!

For the top, I used an old tank top - after a few washes it was becoming a bit of a belly shirt, which I am so not cool with, and as such haven't worn in quite a while.  For this project I only needed the top, and just cut it off a couple inches below the chest. 
For the bottom I used a simple store bought elastic waist skirt as a template and just traced it on my fabric, cutting out two (one front, one back) and sewing them together, and hemming the bottom.  I tapered it a little at the waist, and made a fabric tube threaded through with elastic for the top, and attached the tank to the skirt bottom to it on either side. 

It fits over the head, easy peasy!  Well, maybe a bit of a tug needed but once on it fits like a dream!  I added a dart in the back middle, from the top of the waist and down a few inches, to pull it in at that area and give it a better fit too.  Overall, a success for my first pattern free-make it up as I go along dress! 
And, the pattern for the skirt part is super cute - check it out close up! 

And, said ensemble just happens to perfectly match the cute new heels I picked up on clearance at DSW.  Score! 

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