Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My first craft fair!

Hello!  So, I finally did it - had my first craft fair today!  Here I am at my table. 

I made a few sales - some to people I know (thanks guys!) but two to others I didn't!  Woo hoo!  Most importantly I learned what people liked, what they didn't, and got some great instant feedback from shoppers which is tough to do online. 

Plus, I got to see some other great crafters and their wares!  This particular fair was held in my work building, outside the cafeteria (so we got some great lunchtime foot traffic) which was convenient for me!  It was very cool to see people who also work for my company (and have day jobs) that are creative in their spare time as well.  Next one is around Valentine's day I believe - can't wait! 


  1. how amazing to see you make this happen for yourself! way to go!!!

    might i suggest a solid coloured tablecloth so that your pieces stand out more? not sure what it looked like in person but it's difficult to see all your gorgeous pieces against the patterned table cloth.

    high five to you!

  2. Hey Emma-- Congrats on your first craft fair.

    Here's to many more!


  3. @faiza - thanks! that is good advice too, about the tablecloth. In the pic it does look a little chaotic :) will simplify next time - I've signed up for one in February!