Thursday, November 18, 2010

Coffee Talk

Coffee tables! Where fore art thou?  You have been on my brain, of late, as I am in need of a new one of you.  Have for a while, actually.

 Since this occured:

 Attractive, right?  Not quite sure what happened to crack the glass- its my roommate's table too - but it has sat as a hazard for months.  Since I can't decide what to do! 
I could get some replacement glass, but I'm not a huge fan of the table (nor is roommie) so I'm thinking it needs to be replaced.

I'm not so much into Swedish modern - cheap, for sure, and I am a pro at putting together Ikea furniture, but the tables they have don't thrill me. 

I've looked around the web - this one seemed kind of cute!  More storage might be a good idea, and perhaps glass top is not for me, but I like how unique it is. 

The deformed table has matching end tables as well, so we'd need something to match, or to get a complete set, which would be pricier.  I wonder if I could just kind of slipcover them, to blend the sets?  Since I don't have a cat to crawl out of this combo litter box/end table, that is.  (LOVE IT!)

Anyway, just some home front musings....let me know if you've seen anything cool out there!

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  1. hahahah!!! that kitty litter thing is hilarious! look in ikea, the always have cool looking / cheap stuff! xoxo