Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dino-mite! (Cake)

 If you could think of any cake in the world that a 31 year old lady would want for her birthday, what would you pick? 

 If you're me, the clear answer is: DINOSAUR CAKE! 

This weekend I celebrated my birthday (and my friend Melissa's bday 2 days before) with a delightful celebration.  I made the cake and it was exactly what I wanted, of course!  A lovely dino cake, with a melting shirtless man-candle (well, that was what we had on hand) to top it off. 

 I forgot to take a picture but the cake was red velvet, so as to be more realistic when cutting into blooooody dinosaur meat.  (Although I'm vegetarian.)  The frosting was green, but cream cheese - pretty good!  Also, the spikes are Hershey kisses.  If you'd like to make your own, I found the pattern here at Betty Crocker - there are lots of fun cake ideas there!  Check it out for your next soiree.   
 Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate this weekend!  I had a great birthday and tons of fun. 

Happy Birthday to us!

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