Monday, December 19, 2011

Pillow Talk

 Here is a fun little quilty pillow I whipped up for my niece Rakia.  I think she'll like it!  It has lots of fun patterns with ladybugs and cats and critters and what not.  It was so simple to put together too!  I used a bunch of scraps, cutting them into 3x3 inch squares, using 25 total. 

I sewed them in 5 rows of 5, then stitched each row to the next to make the front.  For the back I just used some larger pieces of scrap fabric, following the idea of this awesome super easy pillow cover tutorial from Sparkle Power

So, even if you haven't finished your Christmas shopping still have time to put together one (or ten) of these for a great handmade gift!  For the inside you can use pillow forms or, I buy cheap pillows at Ocean State Job Lot (or whatever discount store you might have) for $5 (or less) each, then just cover them in a fun fabric myself. 

Yay!  Pillow fight! 

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