Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baby Pops!

No, these are not pops made from actual babies. 

They are cute though!  Here is a fun way to wrap up some cute onesies for a baby shower - you can even customize your own, with this tutorial, or use fun store bought ones.  Try it out!

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Onesie Pop Tutorial!

Baby Onesie
Popsicle stick
Pipe Cleaner or Wire
Clear tape
Cellophane, Tulle, or Fabric Scraps


Step 1) Place your onesie on a flat surface. 

Step 2) Fold the sides in towards the middle by about 2 inches, and fold the bottom up as well.   

 Step 3) Fold onesie in half.

Step 4) Starting at the top, roll the onesie up, so it looks like a lollipop.  Use clear tape to secure the end.   

 Step 5) Thread your pipe cleaner or wire through the middle of the roll, enough so that the end can extend through the other side and down to meet the stem. Wrap the shorter end around the stem a few times to secure it.  You can also add a bit of tape to secure it. 

Step 6) Place the Popsicle stick against the back of the onesie roll, where the long end of the pipe cleaner is located.  Wrap the exposed pipe cleaner around the stick a few times and add some tape to secure the stick to the onesie roll. 

Step 7) Cut a square of fabric, cellophane, etc large enough to cover your pop, with a bit extra.  Cut a length of ribbon about 6 inches long, or to your preference.  Wrap the onesie with the fabric, arranging it so that it has a nice bunching effect at the base.  Secure it with the ribbon.  Tie in a know and a bow, curling the ribbon with scissors if desired. 

Ta da!  You're done!  Feel free to make a whole bouquet of them if you'd like! 

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